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(no subject) [Mar. 28th, 2012|11:12 pm]
[mood |gigglygiggly]

I saw The Hunger Games last night with Sabrina. It wasn't too bad really, but I can tell the movie rushed quite a few things. My only real major complaint is the goddam camera shake thing in some parts of the movie.

ITS A FUCKING CAMERA, NOT A BAG OF SHAKE N' BAKE. Blair Witch Project has less jitter then that movie.

Also, that Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer was hilarious. There was like a cute lil' deer and suddenly RED EYE BELLA SWAN LOOKING ALL EVIL FOR A HALF A SECOND. WILL THE DEER LIVE?!?!?! Sabrina and I were the only ones in the theater that literally laughed out loud at that.

I love my Dreamcast. Best $35 I ever spent! No, seriously, I felt like playing a new game, so I browsed the list, looked at Cannon Spike, downloaded it, played it! Whoa! 102 Dalmatians was on the Dreamcast?! Should I download it and play it?
I normally don't like pirating games that developers should get the money for, but Dreamcast games have been out of print for more then a decade now and buying an actual game for it will just put money in some random collectors pocket. :/
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(no subject) [Jan. 3rd, 2012|10:42 pm]
I made an account!
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2011|10:14 pm]
This looks fun! :D

Post an anonymous comment with:

1. One secret.
(It doesn't have to be anything ~important~, secrets are usually secrets for a reason ♥ )
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. A hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

Comments are screened.
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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2011|11:25 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]

I can has love, too? :3c
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(no subject) [Nov. 29th, 2010|10:31 am]
Yeah, sure. Why not?


Ask me anything here and there is a very large chance I will answer honestly.

Doesn't matter how personal it is. I'm keeping this public for now, but will put it on friends only if the questions get to be the kind that I don't want the general public to see. That means that you can ask me with the anon option if you want to know something, but would prefer not to have your screen name attached for some reason.

You can also ask multiple ones if you so choose. SPAM ME IF YOU SO DESIRE. We might ~learn things about each other. Of course, spread this shit like a virus so we can have an epic circle-jerk of TMI.

Go for it, ask me anything at all that you want and I will answer honestly.
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Purple Wednesday [Oct. 20th, 2010|09:21 pm]
Originally posted by thelake at Purple Wednesday

It’s been decided. On October 20th, 2010, we will wear purple in honor of the 6 gay boys who committed suicide in recent weeks/months due to homophobic abuse in their homes at at their schools. Purple represents Spirit on the LGBTQ flag and that’s exactly what we’d like all of you to have with you: spirit. Please know that times will get better and that you will meet people who will love you and respect you for who you are, no matter your sexuality. Please wear purple on October 20th. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schools.

RIP Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh
RIP Justin Aaberg, Raymond Chase
RIP Asher Brown and Billy Lucas

REBLOG to spread a message of love, unity and peace.

- original post by [info]neo_prodigy

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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2010|10:50 pm]
Okay, so Lucky Star casting! :D

Me- Konata http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Konata_Izumi
Sabrina - Kagami http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Kagami_Hiiragi
Natasha - Tsukasa http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Tsukasa_Hiiragi
Brel - Akira http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Akira_Kogami
Sam - Minoru http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Minoru_Shiraishi
Debbie - I'm changing it to Hiyori because it suits her better: http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Hiyori_Tamura
Diana - Miyuki http://luckystar.wikia.com/wiki/Miyuki_Takara

I think that works, totally! :D And I think Sabrina and I have the same type of friendship/arguments that Konata and Kagami have. 8D
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2010|01:24 pm]
► post this into your lj publicly.
► others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) with what they really think of you.
► cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts

Yeah, sure why not. :D
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2009|06:56 pm]


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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2009|08:33 pm]
[mood |sympatheticsympathetic]

You know, there's a lot of things you wouldn't believe would ever happen in your life time.

Michael Jackson passing away at the early age of 50 was one of them.

Its kinda sad, because just the other day I was thinking about how great of a musical genius he was and how original everything he sang was. Even to the point to were I was thinking of buying one of his CD's.

The guy really was a legend. I mean even if you weren't a fan of him, you still knew who he was and what his music sounded like.

I just really hope people remember him as a musical phenomena rather then what he's been a cussed of in the last few years of his life.
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